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Welcome to Live Dealer Only, where we focus exclusively on one of the most exciting innovations of online casinos, live dealer table games. While the actual live casino has always been full of excitement, only recently has this experience been accessible through online gambling.

We tell you which sites offer which types of live dealer games, limits, reviews, guides and more. Live dealer casino play is arguably the fastest growing element of online gambling as a whole, and our site tells you everything you could ever want to learn about playing these games.

Live Dealer Online Games

There are only a handful of primary games that are currently offered in live dealer format at the majority of online casinos. In fact, there are still some (though not many) online casinos that do not even offer live dealer games yet, though just about every website at least offers the basic games. 

Blackjack and baccarat are certainly the most popular of the live dealer casino games that can be found at online casinos. Now, with that said, they are hardly the only games that are available, and there are certain casinos that have a relatively expansive selection of live dealer games to choose from, including roulette and sometimes other more abstract table games.

Live Dealer Online Casino Reviews

There are many variables that come into play with live dealer online casino games, and these are discussed and analyzed in our live casino reviews. The most notable difference between playing live dealer table games online vs. other types of games at online casinos will be found in both the speed and minimum table limits involved. Since live dealer games require considerably more resources, the casinos are forced to implement higher minimum bets than you would typically find at a normal online casino game played only with basic software.

Many differences also exist in terms of online casinos in the United States vs. the UK, for example. Further complicating the situation is the multitude of different types of online casinos that now exist in the world, from regulated European and even US online casinos (in a few select states) to off shore and cryptocurrency online casinos. Each of these different classes of online casinos offer different live dealer game options, with different rules, bet sizes, software and even regulation.

Bet Sizes and Elements of Live Dealer Games

The most common reason that online players choose to play live dealer table games rather than software enabled games is because they are involved in a much more “realistic” casino experience, and it feels almost like you are actually sitting at a physical casino. These same online live dealer enthusiasts tend to bet more money per hand, on average, and as such, are very attractive to the casinos themselves.

The live dealer dynamic means that dealers (who are physically located in real casinos throughout the world), are interacting with the players in real time. While the dealers can’t usually see the players, the players can watch the dealers in real time (and the dealers are usually what the online casinos deem to be “attractive” females, as they believe this will entice the average male player to participate.

If you are able to afford the higher bet minimums associated with playing live dealer online games, then you will likely find it more enjoyable. At the same time, however, you may actually find live dealers to be unappealing due to the other players involved or the speed of the games. Since internet connection speeds vary and every move has to be confirmed by the dealers administering the games, there can be considerable lag involved when playing live dealer games.

Regular casino software games move at almost lightning speed, whereas a live dealer hand of blackjack could literally take minutes at a time. If you enjoy interacting with the dealers and other players at the live dealer games like you would in a live casino, then these games may be for you. If you are after a fast paced online environment without any interference, than chances are live dealer table games are not your best option.

There are now live casinos that offer games very similar to what you will find at online live dealer casino games. These are called stadium gaming and use one dealer who deals in real time to many players at once, just like some live dealer online games. The difference is that every player uses the same hand, whereas most live dealer games give each player their own individual hands.

Stadium gaming is definitely not the same as live dealers at online casinos, but it is close, and you may have even played one of these games at a Las Vegas casino. As casinos try to become more and more efficient and innovative, you should expect to see more live dealer casinos and stadium gaming alike become available.